A brand new blog

November 14, 2008

Greetings.  The purpose of this blog is basically for me to practice writing and show you all how interesting I am.  Who else could have made this blog?

I may not be the first person to say this but “blog” sounds like the sound I make when I throw up.  It doesn’t happen often, but I had a stomach virus in August and for about a day and a half I was going “blaaaaog” into a bucket next to my bed.  And isn’t blogging kind of like puking anyways?  Imagine the confusion, “I was blogging all night after an interesting dinner…”

At the moment I am waiting for a call from a person who has expressed interest in buying this old wooden shelf that is in my basement:


Some shmo is giving me $20 for this thing which I would gladly burn in my backyard.  I guess it’s not a bad deal if you need a shelf, but what can I say, I love giving people a good deal!

Speaking of good deals, still on the market is a metal file cabinet:img_2053

You can tell how nice it is because it is wrapped in plastic.  I posted it on craigslist for $20 and a guy emailed me “wow..i’ve never seen one that color…is it imitation dk. cherry?”

So, I guess it’s generating a *buzz* out there in the old metal file cabinet scene, although that guy didn’t exactly make me an offer, he was just appreciating it. Is it too much to call this guy a sicko?

At first I thought he was just wasting my time.  “Great,” I thought, “if you want to buy it then make an offer, but it’s just a file cabinet dude” But the next day, I didn’t really mind, it was just one email. I thought about his story. Maybe he worked for a company as the office supply purchaser for 25 years and has seen every catalog featuring every known variety of cabinet, table, desk, chair, etc that has existed in the modern age of offices.  He said “wow”, so now I feel good that I was able to give him this wow moment.

And I know what he is feeling, because I have felt it myself.  It is not an uncommon reaction to seeing some of the things that are in my basement, which is really my grandparents’ basement.  Many of you out there probably have seen this type of basement before, because I have seen them myself in the houses of my friends.  The clutter stretches from wall to wall.  There are boxes stacked on boxes of nick-knacks, interspersed with old decrepit furniture. There are lamps and appliances from the 1970s strewn about.  Bags of old linens spill into the walkways and you have to be careful to maneuver around a corner where five broken vacuum cleaners poke out.

Whats also interesting is that “wow” is probably what my dear old grandmother said when she saw many of these items herself at the garage sales where they came from.

In concluion I definately appreciate people who are interested in buying things used because there is way too much plastic crap being made everyday that is ending up in the ocean and in birds’ bellies.